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Matthew Bergman is part of the C3 Project "Strong vs. Weak Governments and the Challenge of Economic Reforms", part of the collaborative research center "Political Economy of Reforms" at the University of Mannheim. He completed his BA at Johns Hopkins University with a minor in physics and then taught secondary calculus, physics, and chemistry in Arizona, USA. He obtained is MA and PhD at University of California, San Diego in Political Science. Thereafter he lectured on the topics of comparative and international political economy, public policy analysis, research design, and legal reasoning.

He is the founding director of the Krinsk-Houston Law & Politics Initiative at UCSD, which serves as a bridge between students, alumni, and the San Diego legal community. Matthew also makes media contributions on topics relating to European politics.

Research Interests: Political Institutions, Political Economy, Electoral Systems, Comparative Politics, Voting Behavior, Party-Voter Linkages, European and Italian Politics, Populism, Parties, Elections, and Public Opinion, Issue Competition.


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Bergman M. Standing Out from the Crowd: Issue Specialization and Electoral Gains in Post-Communist Polities. 2021. Paper presented at 27th International Conference of Europeanists, .

Bergman M. 'When Dimensions of Discontent Align: Approving the 2020 Italian Constitutional Referendum'. 2021. Paper presented at PSA Annual International Conference, .

Bergman M, Passarelli G. Dimming M5Star: Penalties of Incumbency or Alternative Opportunities for Protest. 2021. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association 2021, Seattle, United States.


Bergman M. New Directions in Quantitative Measures of Populism. In Ron A, Nadesan M, editors, Mapping Populism: Approaches and Methods. London and New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis. 2020. p. 236-247

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