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The Department of Government covers a wide range of political science topics in Austrian and Comparative Politics. Research and teaching mainly focus on political competition and elections, governments and coalitions, political protest and politics of remembrance.

Further information on our team, current research projects and teaching can be found on the following pages.

Information on research of the research center 'Vienna Center for Electoral Research (VieCER)' can be found on the webpage of VieCER.


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Further shift towards the right? Coalition formation between mainstream and populist radical right parties in Central and Eastern Europe


Sylvia Kritzinger zu 'Wählen mit 16' aus den Ergebnissen der Austrian National Election Study

Zwischen Erwachsenwerden und politischer Partizipation: Wählen mit 16


WEP Prize 2017 to Carolina Plescia

The article of Plescia, Carolina and Staniek, Magdalena (2017) 'In the Eye of the Beholder: Voters' Perceptions of Party Policy Shifts' has been...


'Survey Data and Multilevel Modeling - Advances on the First and Second Level'


No consultation hour with Prof. Kritzinger in January and February

Next consultation hours with Univ.-Prof. Sylvia Kritzinger are in March.


Auf die Straße! Österreich protestiert

Martin Dolezal zur Semesterfrage 'Demokratie' sowie zu Protest in Österreich im akutellen Forschungsnewsletter

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News Archive

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Prüfungseinsicht "Politik der Executive" v. 30.01.2018 - Prof. Müller

Prüfungseinsicht für die Prüfung zur Vorlesung „Die Politik der Exekutive“ und zur Vorlesung „Politik im Vergleich“ vom 30.1.2018 finden...


Prüfungseinsicht VO Historische Grundlagen - Walter Manoschek

Der Termin für die Prüfungseinsicht ist am 26.02.2018 von 10-12 Uhr in der Pramergasse 9, 1090 Wien bei Mag. Dr. Peter Pirker (Vertretung Prof....


Prüfungseinsicht Prof. Müller "Vergleichende Analyse von Politik"

Prüfungseinsicht am 18.12.2017 um 12:00 Uhr - Büro Prof. Müller Rooseveltplatz 3/2, 1090 Wien


No consultation hour with Prof. Kritzinger today

The next consultation hour with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Kritzinger is next week on Tuesday.


When Elections Widen Inequality: Clarity of Responsibility, Accountability and Labor Market Policy


Circumstantial Liberals: Czech Germans in Interwar Czechoslovakia

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