Fulbright - University of Vienna Visiting Professor of Social Sciences Robert Rohrschneider, PhD

Rooseveltplatz 3
1090 Wien

T: +43-1-4277-49707

Robert Rohrschneider is Worcester Distinguished Professor of Public Opinion Research at the University of Kansas. He will work on a new book on the illiberalism of political parties especially at the culturally right-extreme spectrum. There are many conservative parties with a potentially illiberal bent across countries but some of these seem to stay away from offering illiberal policies, while others clearly succumb to the temptation. What explains this variation across Europe? He is using various data sources to explain this variation, along with a survey-based experiment he and colleagues conducted in Germany, the US, and Israel. On the teaching side, he offers an MA seminar on the rise of opposition to the European Union and a seminar for doctoral students on populism and illiberalism. He will also offer a workshop on how to craft manuscripts for publication.