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The Department of Government covers a wide range of political science topics in Austrian and Comparative Politics. Research and teaching mainly focus on political competition and elections, governments and coalitions, political protest and politics of remembrance.

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Information on research of the research center 'Vienna Center for Electoral Research (VieCER)' can be found on the webpage of VieCER.


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No consultation hour with Prof. Kritzinger on November 12th

The next consultation hour of Prof. Kritzinger is on Nov. 19th.



That Bloody Woman” Syndrome? The Popularity of Female Leaders Worldwide


„Kurz vertritt lediglich seine Wähler“ - Interview mit Sylvia Kritzinger im Südtiroler Onlinemagazine 'Barfuss'

Politikwissenschaftlerin Sylvia Kritzinger analysiert das Phänomen Kurz und erklärt, warum die Lega in Italien bald wieder bedeutungslos werden...