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The Department of Government covers a wide range of political science topics in Austrian and Comparative Politics. Research and teaching mainly focus on political competition and elections, governments and coalitions, political protest and politics of remembrance.

Further information on our team, current research projects and teaching can be found on the following pages.

Information on research of the research center 'Vienna Center for Electoral Research (VieCER)' can be found on the webpage of VieCER.


News Archive

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When Elections Widen Inequality: Clarity of Responsibility, Accountability and Labor Market Policy


Circumstantial Liberals: Czech Germans in Interwar Czechoslovakia


Thomas Meyer im tschechischen Fernsehen CT24

Betrag vom 9.11. zum Regierungsbildungsprozess in Österreich


Multilingual Sentiment Analysis: Measuring Conflict in Parliamentary Speeches


Announcement of a Post-Doc Position

The Department of Government announces a vacant post doc position in the ongoing project ‘European Value Study (EVS) 2017’.



What is Islamophobia? Disentangling Citizens’ Feelings Towards Ethnicity, Religion and Religiosity Using a Survey Experiment Threats

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