The DaMon project investigates into internet-related data-security in Austria. It is part of the national KIRAS program dedicated to security policy issues and is carried out in cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

The main responsibility of the Department of Methods in the Social Sciences (University of Vienna) within the DaMon-project is to design and implement a comprehensive quantitative survey study that comprises both a telephone and an online component. The survey will cover different target groups: citizens, companies and enterprises, and public authorities. The aim of the study is to gather new information and thus get a better understanding concerning, among others, the following issues:

  • The present level of information on data security issues,
  • Potential data security threats,
  • Factors that facilitate the implementation of data security measures,
  • Citizens' level of trust towards data security measures implemented by businesses and public authorities,
  • The level of preparation of enterprises and public authorities in case of data security problems,
  • The general acceptance of data security measures, and
  • The general perception of data security threats by the population and businesses.

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