Woman in Data Science 2023


In 2016, the United Nations declared the day 11 February as International Day of Women and Girls in Science to promote gender equality in STEM fields. We are pleased that our scientists Sylvia Kritzinger, Julia Partheymüller and Johanna Willmann took part in it.

Despite equal abilities, on the average only around 35% of STEM graduates worldwide are women. Having a diverse representation in science is crucial for avoiding a narrow perspective and promoting new ideas, talents, and creativity.

At our research network, we are honored to support and showcase the groundbreaking work of female researchers who are pushing the boundaries of their fields and making significant contributions to the scientific community. Join us in celebrating the achievements of female researchers and let's raise awareness and encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM.

The University of Vienna is coming together to celebrate Women in Science with a joint campaign featuring the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science and our research network Data Science @ Uni Vienna. By bringing together different departments, the University of Vienna is highlighting the importance of diversity in science and the role of women in advancing the field.

More Information: https://datascience.univie.ac.at/news-events/women-in-science-2023/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dsUniVie