New Panel Data Set on the COVID-19 Special Edition 2021-22 of the EVS


..., which was collected under the leadership of Sylvia Kritzinger und

Christian Friesl is now available at AUSSDA.


The panel data set on the COVID-19 Special Edition of the EVS (European

Values Study), which was collected by the Research network

Interdisciplinary Research on Human Values led by Sylvia Kritzinger

(Department of Government) and Christian Friesl (Department of Practical

Theology), is now availble at AUSSDA


The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to many people’s lives and

interrupted their normal course of life. The panel study thus examines

the impact these changes have upon people’s values and attitudes

concerning work, partnership and models of femininity, politics,

solidarity, and religion.



The first wave of the Special COVID-19-edition was collected online in

December 2021 in Austria, during the fourth wave of the pandemic, the

second wave was collected in September/October 2022, while the pandemic

has intermittently calmed down. Both waves contain, besides a main

sample (n in wave 1 = 1,560, n in wave 2 = 1,533), an additional youth

oversample of people aged between 14 and 25 (n in wave 1 = 551, n in

wave 2 = 569).



The Special COVID-19-edition can be analysed alone or in synopsis with

the data from previous European Values Studies, in particular with the

data from the European Values Study 2018 (EVS 2018), which was the last

EVS conducted before the onset of the pandemic.