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The Department of Government covers a wide range of political science topics in Austrian and Comparative Politics. Research and teaching mainly focus on political competition and elections, governments and coalitions, political protest and politics of remembrance.

Further information on our team, current research projects and teaching can be found on the following pages.


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BBC interview with Assoz. Prof. Markus Wagner

BBC Radio interview on 'How Voters Decide' will be broadcasted on Feb 20th (Part 1) and 27th (Part 2).


Seminar Series Talks SS 2017

Wir freuen uns, im Sommersemester 2017 mehrere Gastvortragende willkommen heißen zu dürfen.


Data release by AUTNES Supply Side and Media Side

We are glad to announce the release of a whole series of datasets by the AUTNES Supply Side as well as an add-on to the AUTNES Manual Content Analysis...


Projekt 'Wähler in Aufruhr: Migration, Politische Unzufriedenheit und Populismus in der Nationalratswahl 2018'

Neues Projekt unter der Projektleitung von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Kritzinger, Carolina Plescia, PhD und Assoz. Prof. Markus Wagner, PhD.


ACIER - Austrian Cooperative Infrastructure for Electoral Research

Neues Projekt ‚ACIER – Austrian Cooperative Infrastructure for Electoral Research‘, unter der Leitung von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang C. Müller (PI) und...


Stellenausschreibung: Studienassistenz für 14 Std./Woche

Bewerbungsfrist: 19.02.

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News Archiv


Guest Lecture by Aina Gallego on November 7th

Title: Education and Representation: a Regression Discontinuity Design



"Fluchthilfe aus dem Äther"

Artikel zum Ungarn-Aufstand 1956 in der "Wiener Zeitung", von Peter Pirker


Guest Lecture by Stuart Soroka on December 12th.

Title: Negative News, in Traditional vs Social Media


uni:docs Stipendium für Patricia Oberluggauer


Interview mit Sylvia Kritzinger in 'Die Presse'

'Ein Monitoring für die österreichische Demokratie'